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Detrol:A Drug That Treats Symptoms Of Overactive Bladder

Detrol (tolterodine, cholinergic class of drugs) is a drug that reduces spasms of the bladder muscles. It is used to treat the urinary bladder disorders.

How To Take Detrol: Detrol needs to be taken strictly under medical supervision. When you experience spasm of bladder muscles then you should go to the doctor without further ado. You should take Detrol in the exact quantity that the doctor has prescribed. Taking too big a dose of Detrol will not be helpful while a large dosage will result in side effects. Taking large dose will cause symptoms like blurred vision, dry mouth and increased rate of heartbeat.
Detrol is a medicine which needs to be taken with water. It is not advisable to crush or chew the tablet. Swallowing the Detrol tablet as a whole is ideal way of taking the medicine. If you miss a dose of Detrol then you do not need to make up for that by taking in a large amount of it at another time. Instead you should make sure that you do not miss the next dosage. Taking Detrol at the same time day in and day out will be really helpful for your health.

Precautions When Taking Detrol: Although taking Detrol has its merits but the thing to remember here is that it can prove lethal if you have other diseases like kidney disease, liver disease or glaucoma. You should also be extra careful if you are suffering from blockage of urinary tract, stomach or intestine. If you have any such problems then you should let your doctor know before hand so that he can prescribe the best medicine to you.
A good piece of information for pregnant women is that Detrol falls under pregnancy category C of FDA which means that you should let your doctor know if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant. Detrol may also be harmful for both breastfeeding women and their babies.
It is important that you do not switch from Detrol to some other medicine without the consent of the doctor. Quickly shifting form one medicine to another may prove to be damaging for your health.

Drug Interactions: There are some drugs that do not complement with Detrol very well. These medicines include arsenic trioxide, chloroquine and cyclosporine. You should definitely tell your health care provider if you are using any of the medicines along with Detrol. Other medicines which may prove to be harmful for you when you are taking Detrol include pentamidine, vinblastine and levomethadyl. There is a long list of not so useful complements of Detrol which you can take a look at for your own knowledge.

Detrol Side Effects: Although Detrol is an FDA approved drug but it has some side effects associated with it which usually show up in the patients within 1 week of its use. Some people improve after these side effects while others may have to change the medicine or its dosage. If your condition does not improve after one week after taking Detrol then you should visit your health care provider for advice who will then guide you on the next course of action.
Common side effects of Detrol include hallucination, chest pain, dry mouth and eyes. Detrol also causes dizziness and drossiness in some people. Diarrhea, joint pain and headache are other common side effects of this drug. Whenever you feel out of place you should not wait for a large disaster, instead you should be proactive enough to either contact a doctor on phone or pay him a visit.

End Words: Detrol is an effective medicine but its positive effects are minimized if you do not give up alcohol and bring the diet under control. Most of the patients suffering from bladder muscle spasm are cured simply by giving up poor drinking and eating habits. Also, taking your family physician's advice would be the best in case to avoid any kind of problem. Since these medicines are really very sensitive, a complete advice must be followed.

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