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Toradol: Relief Your Pain With This Medicine

Toradol is the other name of Ketorolac. It is one of NSAIDs. It doesn't contain steroids and is used as anti-inflammatory and analgesic preparation.

Facts about Toradol: Toradol is a potent drug. It inhibits the formation of prostaglandins in the body, thus removing the inflammation and pain. But keep in mind that Toradol is used for severe pain. Don't use Toradol to get rid of headache or slight muscle pain. Don't use this remedy without the consultation with your doctor. Toradol has some drug interactions and side effects and that's why it is necessary to take this drug only in case of emergency and under the doctor's control.

What Is Toradol Used For? Toradol is used to relief severe pain. Its effect is similar to opiate. But Toradol is non-addictive. It exists in the form of pills and in the form of injections. Usually a patient is prescribed one injection in his muscle or vein and then he takes Toradol through his mouth. It is not recommended for children under 18. But if it is necessary to prescribe this remedy to little children, it is taken trough vein as it is not so painful. Very often Toradol is prescribed only once - to relief severe pain. There's no need to take a course of Toradol. If the pain is chronic, some other preparation is prescribed because this remedy can be used only during 5 days, not more.

Dosage Of Toradol: The dosage of Toradol is prescribed by a doctor. If the dose is exceeded it may cause headache, vomit and even bleeding. So you have to take that very dose of Toradol that is prescribed to you by your health care specialist. Usually Toradol is taken 4 times a day. The dose of Toradol allowed to adults is 120 mg per 24 hours (injections) or 40 mg (pills).
Toradol is absorbed very quickly and a patient feels relief in 15 minutes or so after taking this medication. This preparation is not good for old people that's why the doctor prescribes it to patients who are more than 65 if there's no other way out and its benefit is more than the damage caused by Toradol.

Does Toradol Have Any Side Effects? Toradol has some side effects so if you notice some of the symptoms mentioned below, you have to visit your doctor immediately.
Toradol can cause bleeding. If you have ulcer or used to have stomach bleeding earlier, it is dangerous to take this medication for you. Care about your health and visit your therapist if you notice blood in your vomit or stool.
If you had heart attack, taking Toradol is not recommended to you as it increases the risk of heart disorders. Toradol is not prescribed to nursing mothers as it can appear in mother's milk and hurt the child. This preparation influences fertility so if you plan to become pregnant, tell your doctor about it and ask him.
Never take this medication if you are pregnant. There's the possibility of 10% that this preparation will overcome the placental barrier and influence the child.
The remedy has some interactions. Thus you can't use it if you take anti-depressants, aspirin or any other drug from NSAIDs. When Toradol is prescribed to you, you have to inform your doctor about all the other medications you take and he will tell you if you can use this remedy or will give you some other preparation.
There are some other side effects that are not so severe like constipation, diarrhea, headache etc. If you have them, just wait for some time and they will disappear.
Toradol is an effective remedy but it is very powerful so any patient has to use it with caution. This can be stored during 2 years in its original package. Keep it away from children.

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